Intelligent Audio Technology


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RealViolin is a composition tool that uses an intelligent sampler that selects the right samples based on the notes and playing styles written on a score. This allows composers to work up to 10X faster with better sounding results. No more endlessly programming midi! Currently we are conducting a feasibility study together with the HKU ( funded by Regieorgaan SIA (


A simple text-to-speech program focused only on numbers which sounds very human-like. We wanted to test how adding a specific context to sounds could improve the way a TTS system would work. Our tool can easily be implemented in voicemail or interactive voice response systems.


We are extremely proud to present our partnership with Dutch DJ duo SICK INDIVIDUALS! Together with these talented guys we are working on a high quality processing plugin with great compression, stereo imaging and other effects!

About us

Intelligent audio technology

Prolody consists of a team of passionate music tech people, working together to create awesome audio products for a better user experience. We are working on concepts for composers, producers and DJ’s, both professionals and hobbyists, and b2b text-to-speech solutions. We believe in intelligence augmentation: outsourcing the repetitive analytical tasks to a smart system so a human can do the creative work.


Dennis Braunsdorf
Alexander Mooij

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