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Responsive speech system

You're going to have a talking robot in your house some day. We are working on a system that responds to its surroundings in a way that feels natural and interactive. 

We use a device's sensors to determine the correct response for a certain interaction in a certain context. Contact us for more information.


Together with the electrifying Dutch EDM duo Sick Individuals and developers Moditone we created the Focus One processing plugin.

It's a clever system that looks really simple yet behind the curtain there's a lot going on. It's got five functions plus an extreme mode for all. Check out the website and grab one for yourself!




Alexander Mooij

After studying music and technology Alexander developed his skills in entrepreneurship and business coaching for a few years before starting Prolody. Chief business here at Prolody. Now he teaches these skills to art students. 


Dennis Braunsdorf

Award winning composer, constantly observing his own workflow for improvements. Chief tech here at Prolody. Besides Prolody he works on international film trailers and is conducting a PhD research through the University of Bournemouth.